German Pinscher Stud Dog

AT-JCH, AT-CH, INT.-CH, BOB, Bundessieger

Regina's Minpin A Redstar Amaryllo 

Amaryllo is single and ready to mingle - he is looking foward to meet eligible FCI-females!


2 wonderful puppies are still looking for their perfect homes! (see below)

Description by the breeder:
"ALABAMA (♀) is a bit capricious, but is open to new experiences. She is curious about the world, but approaches new things with caution.  She does not show any dominant traits. 

She is calm and balanced, as well as people-oriented - so it can be expected that she will be perfect for training!"

Description by the breeder:
"KENTUCKY ( ♂) seems to bw very intelligent and learns easily, which will facilitate training and socialization.  

He does not show any dominant traits, instead he is curious about the world, alas a bit more independent. He is people-oriented, seems calm and balanced - which means that with consistent upbringing he will grow into a wonderful companion!"

News: Amaryllo & Gloria (Star of Elune, PL) - Please contact me if you are interested! ❤


Amaryllo had two dates with Rosmary's Baby Star of Elune! I put a lot of emphasis on character and so Gloria is also a very friendly German Pinscher. They liked each other right from the start and Amaryllo was again a very tender lover! Especially on the second day they agreed so quickly that we were quite surprised by their speed!


A litter of 12, like Amaryllo and his siblings, the wonderful dozen!
We are welcoming:
5 red males
3 black and tan males
4 black and tan females

Mother and puppies are well!


Still little ones who want to become big and strong German Pinschers one day, but you can already see their beautiful noses!
I'm very excited to see how they develop further and whether their personalities will become similar to their dad's!


All have been named
"Once Upon A Time In":
Virginia (orange), ♀ bt
Montana (pink), ♀ bt
Georgia (turquoise, pic), ♀ bt
Alabama (neon yellow), ♀ bt 
Texas (blue), ♂ r
Oklahoma (purple), ♂ r
Kentucky (black), ♂ r
California (gray), ♂ r
Arizona (sunny yellow), ♂ r
Tennesse (mud), ♂ bt
Ohio (green), ♂ bt
Missisipi (red), ♂ bt

Amaryllo & Linda (z Konárovských lesů, CZ


Amaryllo had two dates with 
A Canzone Linda z Konárovských lesů! Linda is also a very friendly German Pinscher, and we already knew each other from various shows. But of course Linda wanted romance and Amaryllo was a very tender lover!


Starting today there are 5 little Pinschers more on earth!
We are welcoming (with approx. 300g each):
1 red male
3 black and tan females
1 black and tan male

Mother and puppies are healthy and happy!


Visiting the Fantastic Five:
Baxy (red), Berta (yellow), Belle Raven (green), Belinda (pink) and Bono (blue, photo)!
It was a dream come true, the little ones are so huggable! I am very proud of Linda & Amaryllo - they did a great job!


Puppy cuddles - Baxy is going to be a heartbreaker!   
My thanks to Eva and her family, who lovingly prepared the Fantastic Five for the big wide world!

All the love and wonderful lives with your new humans, little ones! Enchant the world with your pinscher looks!

About Amaryllo


Name: Regina's Minpin A Redstar Amaryllo
Call Name: Amaryllo
* 16.5.2018
trials: BH, ZTP
Status: stud dog with the  1. ÖSPK (FCI) - breeding approval with temperament test 2021: Ex

Teeth: correct bite, easy change of teeth 

Height at withers: 50cm
Patella: 0/0
DNA-examinations: vWD - N/N, D-Lokus - D/D, A-Lokus - Ay/at, B-Lokus - B/B, DNA-profile
eyes: clear
Formwert: AT-YCH, AT-CH, INT.-CH, Federal Winner (Bundessieger), BOB

Amaryllo can be found in the German Pinscher Pedigree Database!

Breeder: Regina Lindlbauer -
Sire: Legendorf Bugs Bunny
Dam: Happy Dream vom Awarenring


Amaryllo is a funny and very friendly German Pinscher who likes to cuddle with select strangers or give kisses to the judges at dog shows. (He clearly doesn't get enough love at home, what can I say!) He is spirited and full of energy, but can also be gentle, especially with older people or children. 

In everyday life he does not care about what happens outside of the garden fence, instead he makes it very clear - as it should be - whose garden it is if strangers try to get inside. But he always orientates himself towards me and rarely barks, which makes him very popular in the neighborhood!

Amaryllo is a city-savvy adventure dog who enjoys being around people but can also easily be alone at home. He enjoys all things pleasureable - in addition to hiking, flirting and sunbathing, cuddles and belly tickles are probably the most important things for him!

5 Years Amaryllo

Second of Twelve

Amaryllo was born as second puppy of a wonderful black-and-tan and red Pinscher dozen.  Raised in a big mixed Miniature Pinscher and German Pinscher pack - with the best breeder you can wish for.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Amaryllo has a great sense of humor and his funny nature delighted me from the very beginning. He is a ray of sunshine who charm the pants of anybody, but who also knows when to be careful and when romping around is called for.


Chance led us into the big world of dog shows, which we started to explore together with our best brother ever - Anton. While we met many nice people and learned a lot, we won't be attending dog shows that often and will only be found there from time to time.


From the very beginning Amaryllo was always a happy to be part of things, be it in a restaurant, watching stallion licensing or visiting a retirement home. He likes to watch his surroundings and oberving people is his favorite pastime.
Only in pizzerias does he sometimes lose his restraint, but then who can fault him for it? The smells are just too good!


resp. as adult as a German Pinscher at the age of 4 can be. Let's call it "physically mature", whether mental maturity will ever come is anyone's guess : )  
But that's the nice thing about German Pinschers - they have their own mind and know how to use it!

18 Dog Shows - 18 Excellent - 8x BOB

and kisses for the judges

International Champion
Austrian Champion
Austrian Junior Champion

09.04.2022 - IHA Salzburg - Judge: Manuela Geist (AT) - Champion Class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
03.04.2022 - CACIB Budweis - Judge: Oliver Šimon (HR) - Champion Class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
29.10.2021 - Danube CACIB Bratislava - Judge: DI Boris Špoljarić (HR) - Champion Class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
02.10.2021 - World Dog Show Brno - Judge: Petr Řehánek (CZ) - Champion Class: Ex2, Res. CAC
29.09.2021 - CACIB Brno - Judge: MVDr. Vladimir Piskay (SK) - Champion Class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB

05.06.2021 - CAC Clubshow 1. ÖSPK - Judge: Manuela Geist (AT) - Open Class: Ex1, CACA, BOB
27.09.2020 - Federal Winner Tulln - Judge: Gabriela Höllbacher (AT) - Open Class: Ex1, CACA, CACIB, Federal Winner, BOB
26.09.2020 - IHA Tulln - Judge: Carole Garhöfer (AT) - Open Class: Ex2, Res. CACA

08.12.2019 - IHA Wels - Judge: Uschi Eisner (AT) - Intermediate Class: V1, CACA, Res. CACIB
07.12.2019 - IHA Wels - Judge: Martina Panzenböck (AT) - Intermediate Class: V1, CACA, Res. CACIB
13.10.2019 - CACIB Budweis - Judge:  Otakar Vondrouš (CZ) - Intermediate Class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

29.09.2019 - IHA Tulln - Judge: Ing. Heinz Watschinger (AT) - Junior Class: Ex2
28.09.2019 - IHA Tulln - Judge: Susanne Ehrenreich-Kofler (AT) - Junior Class: Ex1, Best Youth, Best Junior Dog
16.06.2019 - European Dog Show Wels - Judge: DI Boris Špoljarić (HR) - Junior Class: Ex
14.06.2019 - Austrian Winner Wels - Judge: Zejlka Zidar-Fon (SI) - Junior Class: Ex
12.05.2019 - IHA Wieselburg - Judge: Anna Kochan (PL) - Junior Class: Ex1, Best Youth, Best Junior Dog, BOB
31.04.2019 - IHA Salzburg - Judge: Saija Hannele Juutilainen (FI) - Junior Class: Ex1 (without title)
10.03.2019 - IHA Graz - Judge: Jan Liet (NL) - Junior Class: Ex1, Best Youth, Best Junior Dog, BOB

 Excerpts from Amaryllo's judges' reports

Champion Class:
So far only certificates without judges' report.

Open Class:
"beautiful masculine head, good top line, correct tail, very nice chest, very nice colour, very nice movement"
"very appealing male, excellent head proportions, excellent ears, very nice neck and back line, excellent angulations, correct croup, harmonious movement with correctly carried tail"
"strong, elegant head, strong, long neck with harmonious transition to the withers, excellent chest area, very well placed and angled"

Intermediate Class:
"firm back, elegant neck, excellent forechest and chest width, powerful in movement with excellent colour"
"very nice head, nice top and bottom line, well angulated and set, smooth movement, friendly demeanor"

Junior Class:
"harmonious, very well built male, nice walk, has a good head shape, fur is great"
"in beautiful muscle condition, masculin head, correct eyes and ears and bite, nice neck topline and tail, nice clean color, angulation in balance, very nice temperament"
"strong bone, excellent body proportions, very good neck, good topline, well developed chest, very good angulation"
"elegant young male, elegant head cut, very good chest"
"excellently attached and carried ear, excellent upper and lower line and angulations"



Satisfied with his kingdom.

Amaryllo is always a big help while I am gardening...

... and he knows very well that he is not allowed in the flower beds!!

Always ready to enjoy the sun.

Dog school. One never stops learning!

Mine? Mine!

Good morning sunshine!

Examination of a BOB rosette.


Did you smell how good that was!

City tour with brother Anton.

The first big "chicken thigh"!

And the adventure starts!